MIAUKOT – Animals Help Foundation

KRS 0000353933 REGON 241564463 NIP 626 296 93 89

In February 2010 we decided to set up a foundation, to be able to act in accordance with our conscience and the program which can be summarized in the following four slogans: The cats which are looked after by us should be: installed at a temporary home (DT), put on paws, dewormed, vaccinated, sterilized and finally given up for adoption. The Foundation comprises Silesian agglomeration cities and Krakow.


12.02.2010 – foundation act
13.02.2010 – adoption of the first Miaukot cat with a nice name… Miaukotek
13.04.2010 – KRS
23.04.2010 – Regon
28.04.2010 – NIP
28.09.2010 – signing a lease agreement for the snip! Center (CC)

Our activity is based solely on volunteering.

All of our wards are staying in temporary homes where they are treated the same way as residents. Such a solution allows us to recognize their character, health, tastes and needs, so that their future maintainers receive along with a cat or a dog a pack of information concerning them.

Foundation’s animals are maintained thanks to the People who are not indidfferent to the fate of homeless animals. Some of our cats have their virtual protectors, whose support helps to ensure the base being: food  and filling for litterboxes. However, it is not the end up expenses: there are costs associated with deworming, vaccination, sterilization, and the provision of veterinary care – sometimes we get animals requiring special care.

Deciding to adopt one of our „miaukotek” you take home an animal the care of which was taken thanks to the support of many, many pe ople. Aware of the fact, we feel obliged us to look for homes where our wards will be treated at least as they were treated by the volunteers who have been looking after them. We do not expect golden bowls and cat spa treatments for them. We want them to be safe, loved, respected, having veterinary care. This is a minimum, which many animals in Poland, unfortunately, will never know …

Many years of struggle to limit homelessness and to improve free-living cats life condition confirmed our belief, that the only effective way to achieve the goal is to reduce overpopulation of cats. It can be done only through sterilization – since 2006 we have been conducting the action „snip! Homelessness”.

Everybody who fell seduced by „the giddiness of Miaukot” is invited to cooperation! 🙂