Who are we

Who are we?

Name and surname: Barbara Horzowska
Location: Bytom, Poland
The number of residents: 15 plus Filip and Kuba, the dogs
The number of temporary cats: Pantha rei…the number of temporary cats too.

In the paws of purring mafia since:

„It was in December 1995. Winter, the temperature outside – mines 20 degrees Celsius. At night the roof of the tenement house near the company I work for was burnt. In the morning my firend fund a tiny black kitty in a toilet on the second floor. Throughout the day the cat was petted, hugged ….. and passed from room to room. I was working in the last room on the fourth floor. About 3 p.m. everyone started to pack for home. I stayed with the cat. ” – What happened next, you can read on the pages of her blog (http://pensjonatkot.blox.pl/2009/06/Od-niej-wszystko-sie-zaczelo.html). Before the cats appered, there were dogs, parrots, canaries, guinea pigs and hamsters at Barbara’s Home. Sometimes more original creatures occurred: a goldfinch after an accident or a hedgehog.

 Why cats, not mice or canaries? Due to the similarity of character.

About herself: Every single day – an economist working for a retail trade company. A  rebellious soul, upholding the ideals of flower children, loving architecture and art, especially painting.


Name and surname: Adrianna Baranowska
Location: Piekary Śląskie
The number of residents: 6 cats – Miki, Gumka, Lord, Dolly, Ilza, Jazz and three dogs.
The number of temporary cats: Who cares…

In the paws of purring mafia since:

She does not remember herself before the epoch of purring mafia.

Why cats, not mice or canaries? And who said that not mice or canaries? Each animal in need is equally important.

About herself: graduate fromAdministration Faculty. She started as a car salesman; still remains faithful to her great passion: cars. Since 1997 she is the owner of a small company not connected with animals. In addition to dogs and cats, she is the owner of 10 guinea pigs, four cockatiels and two budgies. A lover of good books, heavy music and fast driving. In love with Mazury.


Name and surname: Joanna Komenda
Location: Krakow, Poland
The number of residents: 4 – Roland, Mamut, Merci i AnTonia
The number of temporary cats: none.

In the paws of purring mafia since:

A child in the cradle, who … stroked the cat’s back, which means from time immemorial.

She performes rationalized action within the animals help organization for several years. Previously – material, financial and personal assistance.

Why cats, not mice or canaries? Because so it is!

About herself: Worked for many years at the automotive market. She is a perfect example that it is possibile to live with allergies and cats.



Name and surname: Aleksandra Bober
Location: Katowice/Będzin
The number of residents: 2 – Rudolf the ginger cat and Srebrna the silver cat
The number of temporary cats: one but as strange as several of them – Eulalia the cat.

In the paws of purring mafia since:

for time immemorial, which means since the secondary school. The dog was to be at first, but somehow … you know … plans for themselves, life for itself – and the first cat was found in the yard near the dumpster. And so it goes. Olusia, always called „Greenpeace” by the family members, was involved into action by Adrianna, called Adria. She existed mainly as  a “temporary home”, and everything was started from Eulalia the cat; sometimes there were less, sometimes more cats „on stock”. Oh, so much on me.

Why cats, not mice or canaries? Well, you know… The case is embarassing a little …

Cat is a pet is easy to live with, and coexistence with him is very pleasant, so what more shall I want?!


 Name and surname: Aleksandra Mańko
Location: Katowice/Gliwice
The number of residents: 3 cats – males Felek and Zygmunt, and female Birma
The number of temporary cats: none 

In the paws of purring mafia since:

for more or less two years she Has been working as a voluntary in the asylum.

 Why cats, not mice or canaries? Because they are similar to humans – one must work to get their friendship. Like humans, they sometimes need peace and quiet, time to go to the “internal emigration.” And besides, they purr, play, sleep, wash up, and always, always look wonderful! Oh and do not salivate.

About herself: I am a student of the University of Economics in Katowice. I love cats, as how can you not love the sweet mouths? I do not agree with the cruelty that meets these innocent animals from people and the world and I want to fight against it.