How it all began

The beginning, or how has it started …

MiauKot is a real being, which people connected once with Cichy Kąt (Quiet Angle Asylum) identify with.

Barbara Horzowska, nick: Barbara Horz

Adrianna Baranowska, nick: Adria

Joanna Komenda, nick: Myszka.xww

Joanna Musiał, nick: Aassiiaa

Aleksandra Bober, nick: Almacita

Aleksandra Jurczyk

Halina Widera
and …….. Friends.


To be able to continue activities aimed at helping homeless animals – and being in harmony with their own beliefs at the same time – they founded “MIAUKOT”– Animals Help Foundation.

The act of foundation launched a new way in our life, a new, although already well known to everybody of us. The invaluable asset is our experience developed over several years of working for the asylum and conducting temporary homes for cats. The Foundation was entered in the National Court Register on 13.04.2010.